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Forsaken Legion

Welcome to Forsaken Legion.

A South African based Esports gaming community started by REAP3R in March 2021.

Are you a gaming lover? Is gaming all day on PC, mobile or console? If the answer is yes! then we have something very interesting and cool for you.

We are gamers just like you who were looking for a community which is safe, friendly and regulated where we could have fun and meet new people.

Join us today and choose your game style and let's grow together.

We welcome everyone from all walks of life. No matter your gender, your race, your sexuality or religious beliefs - you are welcome to join!

Our aim is to create an 18+ environment for both casual and competitive players. A place where we can have fun and grow with like-minded gamers across the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get gaming!

“We fail, We Break, We Fall but then We Rise, We Heal, We Overcome"

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